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Privacy Policy





Privacy Policy 

Wathq service places the privacy of its users and visitors at the top of its priorities, and the portal’s management makes every effort to provide high-quality service to all users. The privacy and information confidentiality policy outlined below is considered part of the terms and conditions for using Wathq digital portal. 

Wathq does not collect personal information about you when you visit its portal unless you specifically choose and knowingly provide this information to us. If you choose to provide your information, we will only use it to fulfill your request for information or services as outlined in these policies, and by using Wathq portal, you agree to this privacy and information confidentiality policy.

Visitors to the portal and its service beneficiaries must continuously review the terms and principles of privacy and information confidentiality to stay informed about any updates that may occur. Please note that the portal's management is not obligated to announce any updates made to these terms and principles. Your use of the portal signifies your acknowledgment and agreement to these terms and principles, and to any ongoing modifications.

Wathq service is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exceptional damages that may arise from the use or inability to use this portal.

Personal Information Security:

The privacy and information confidentiality policy has been developed to assist visitors and users in understanding the nature of the data collected from them when visiting the portal and how it’s handled. 

The portal’s management takes appropriate and suitable measures to securely preserve the personal information it holds, ensuring protection against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure. Some of the key measures implemented by Wathq to protect the visitor’s personal information include:
  • Strict information security measures and technologies that we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.

  • Regular and periodic updates of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards. 

  • Our staff members are qualified and trained to respect the confidentiality of personal information of our visitors.

Collection of Personal Information:

Upon the user’s visit to Wathq portal, the portal’s server records the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of the visit, and the URL address of any website that referred the user to Wathq portal. 

Most websites, upon being visited, create a small file on the visitor’s device (browser) called “Cookies”. Cookies are text files that contain information, allowing the website that deposited them to retrieve this information as needed during the user’s future visits to the site. Some of this stored information include:
  • Remembering the username and password.

  • Saving page settings if available on the portal.

  • Storing user-selected color preferences.
The browser (visitor) may not need to input the password in each visit as the portal system can detect it through the cookies. Therefore, Wathq portal will use the information within the cookies for its specific technical purposes when visited multiple times. Additionally, the portal can modify the information within the cookies or add new information whenever you visit Wathq portal.

If you use a direct application or send us an email through Wathq digital portal, providing us with your personal data, we may share the necessary data with other entities or departments to serve you more effectively. We will only share your data with authorized entities recognized by the relevant authorities to perform specific services. By submitting your personal data and information through Wathq digital portal, you fully agree to the storage, processing, and utilization of that data by the relevant entities. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the appropriate authorities when required by data protection regulations, laws, regulations, or government requests. 

The visitor acknowledges sole responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, and truthfulness of the data sent through this portal.

Privacy Protection:

To help protect your personal information, we recommend the following:
  • Contact us immediately if you suspect that someone has gained access to your password, access code, PIN, or any other sensitive information.

  • Do not disclose sensitive information over the phone or the internet unless you can verify the identity of the recipient.

  • Use a secure browser when conducting online transactions, close unused applications on your network, and ensure that your antivirus software is effective and up to date.

  • If you have any questions or feedback regarding privacy principles, you can contact the portal’s management via the “Contact Us” page. 

  • To safeguard your personal data, electronic storage and transmitted personal data are secured using appropriate security technologies.

  • This portal may contain links to websites or portals that may employ methods for protecting information and privacy different from ours. We are not responsible for the content, methods, or privacy practices of these other sites, and we recommend reviewing their privacy notices. 

Sending Email Messages:

When you inquire about or request information regarding a specific service or provide additional information through any means of communication with Wathq, whether electronic or non-electronic, such as an inquiry on our website, we will use your email address to respond to your queries. It is also possible that we may store your email address, your messages, and our responses for quality monitoring purposes. We may do so for regulatory and oversight purposes.