Wathq service and data products 

What is Wathq service?

Wathq is a digital service that allows beneficiaries to obtain up-to-date and diverse data from their source to create new opportunities and improve business efficiency by electronically linking beneficiary systems and database through API (Application Programming Interface)

What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

APIs is a service that allows electronic connectivity with different systems for data sharing, and its value lies in enabling developers to access different data immediately to obtain up-to-date data. 

Is there a direct query platform for Wathq Service?

 No, there is no platform for direct query, Wathq service is provided by electronic linking to API technology.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Wathq Service?

The beneficiaries of Wathq are large, medium, and small companies with internal systems or a digital business model who want to obtain diverse and up-to-date data from their source in order to create new business opportunities or to increase business efficiency.

What are Wathq products?

Currently available products are: 
Ministry of Commerce: Commercial Registration, Saudi Chambers Council, E-Delegation, Certificate of Origin, and Commercial Registration through Unified Commercial Access.
Ministry of Justice: Power of Attorney, Real Estates Deeds.

Is Wathq limited to the existing data products?

No, we are working with different entities to link with their databases and make them available through Wathq.

How do I know the details of Wathq's data products?

You can visit the link for full accessibility to Wathq’s profile 

How is product data updated on Wathq?

The data is updated by the official data providers first and then this update is automatically reversed in Wathq. Wathq cannot update the data if it is not being updated from the main source.

Packages and registration 

How is the service charge queried?

You can visit the link below for full accessibility to Wathq’s profile listed on the packages page to see the details of the service charges.

What types of packages are available in Wathq? 

Wathq offers three types of packages: the free package, the basic package, and the enterprise package. To learn more about the packages, visit  Pricing Page 

What payment methods are available through Wathq?

Currently, you can only pay through bank transfer.

How do I subscribe to Wathq?

In the case of the free package: 
  1. Create an account in Wathq
  2. Add a new app 
  3. Get the API key
  4. Ask the technical developer to connect the system using API 
In case of paid packages, contact sales@wathq.sa
You can find the details of the steps from the Start steps page to see the steps to subscribe to the service.

How do I activate my account?

After you complete your registration form, sign in via the verification link that sent to your email and your account will be activated.

I want to confirm my account through the link I received in the email, but the link is expired. 

The validity of the link is 24 hours, to send a new link you can click on (forgot password) and through the new link you can activate your account.

Can personal data be edited after registration?

Yes, after you log in you can go to my account from the list at the top of the page and then go to edit the profile. 

Can I change my email or the registered mobile number? 

You can only change your mobile number, but the email cannot be changed.

How can I upgrade my free package to the basic or enterprise package?

You can request an upgrade for your current package by contacting us from our contact page or contacting sales@wathq.sa

Electronic connectivity 

How do I link Wathq to my internal system?

All you need is: 
  1. Sign up and get the API key 
  2. Get help from a technical developer 
  3. Use the technical documentation 

What's the API key?

An API key is the type of authentication that is used during electronic linking to allow the customer to contact Wathq and inquire about data.

How do I get my API key?

Through your Wathq account, sign in, and then log on (my apps), and click on the available app where you will find the API key.

Where do I get the documents for the electronic linking?

Documents are available on the Wathq platform and you can see it by browsing the API on our product page. 

What type of authentication is used in Wathq? 

The API key is used

Is the API key fixed or variable?

The API key is fixed.

Does the IP address need to be installed to get Wathq service?

Installing an IP address for Wathq service is not needed. It is a general address.

Does Wathq use any secure transport protocol and what kind?

Wathq service uses SSL certification.

Are there different environments for testing, pre-production, or other? 

No, there are no different environments in Wathq. There is only one environment.

Use the service and start querying 

What are the most important terms of use? 

The data shall not be used for political and commercial purposes and the customer undertakes to limit the use of the service to him personally and for purposes related to the use of the Service, and not to seek any commercial or personal benefit from the use without the express consent of the service provider. No more than one account for the same customer will be allowed to consume the free package and the dues will be paid on time, otherwise, the service will be cut off from the customer. You can see the other terms through the general terms and conditions page as well as on the subscription form of the package you have chosen.

How many queries are available in Wathq?

Each package has a different number. Find more details about the packages when you visit the packages page at Wathq.

What is the query rate per second?

Each package has a different rate. Find more details about the packages when you visit the packages page at Wathq.

How good are the outputs?

The data is up to date and provided by the main source. If the data is not matched, please check on the main source. 

How to communicate with technical support?

You can contact our technical support team via our contact page or by email: Support@wathq.sa


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