Get Started

This guide is designed to help you understand WATHQ APIs. Here, you will find everything you need start using services. Starting from Sign In. Going through each product documentation. Until you send your first request. 

Create your own developer account by filling out the Sign Up page. Once you've verified your email address, you'll be able to create your first application.

Log in and we will guide you to create your first application. You will be able to create only one application for the free package. 

  1. Log in to the Developer Portal
  2. Click on the profile tab and navigate to the My Apps section
  3. Click on the Add New App button
  4. Create an App name of your choice (e.g. 'My Test Application')
  5. Select the products you require
  6. Select Add App to complete the registration of your application

Your applications can now be accessed in My Apps.

Soon as you create your first application. You will be able to view the application details by clicking on Review button on your application. Then, you will be able to obtain your App Key for this application.

  • You must keep your application Consumer Key and Secret in a secure store.

 You are now ready to send your first request.

We strongly advise you to go through each product documentation before sending any request. You will be allowed to use only authorized services based on your subscribed package. Below is a sample for how to call service 

curl -X GET "" \
-H "accept: application/json" \

1010XXXXXX - is a commercial record number or an entity number which start with 7.

YOURAPIKEY -  is your registered application Consumer Key


Below is a response sample of one success request (http status = 200) 

  "cr_info": {
    "cr_name": "اسم السجل التجاري",
    "cr_number": 1010XXXXXX,
    "cr_entity_no": 7015XXXXXX,
    "cr_issue_date": "1440/10/29",
    "cr_expiry_date": "1441/10/29",
    "cr_main_number": null,
    "cr_bus_type": {
      "id": "101",
      "name": "مؤســـسة فـــردية"
    "cr_fiscal": {
      "month": 10,
      "day": 28,
      "calendar_type": {
        "id": 1,
        "calendar_type": "هجري"
    "cr_status": {
      "id": "active",
      "name": "السجل التجاري قائم",
      "name_en": "السجل التجاري قائم"
    "cr_cancellation": null,
    "cr_location": {
      "id": "1010",
      "name": " الرياض"
    "cr_company": null,
    "cr_activities": {
      "description": "أعمال ورش النجارة بشكل عام،صناعة المباني الخشبية سابقة التجهيز،أنشطة أخرى خاصة بانتاج وصناعة منتجات النجارة المستخدمة في البناء والتشييد",
      "isic": [
          "id": "162250",
          "name": "أعمال ورش النجارة بشكل عام",
          "name_en": "Carpentry works"
          "id": "162270",
          "name": "صناعة المباني الخشبية سابقة التجهيز",
          "name_en": "Manufacture of prefabricated wooden buildings"
          "id": "162290",
          "name": "أنشطة أخرى خاصة بانتاج وصناعة منتجات النجارة المستخدمة في البناء والتشييد",
          "name_en": "Other activities of production and manufacture of carpentry products used in construction"


All api responses whether failed or success will be returned with a unique reference number. Reference number will be found on the response header by name THIQAH-API-ApiMsgRef. Please use this reference number to identify any issue when reaching WATHQ support and for any future inquires on each request. 

THIQAH-API-ApiMsgRef →6c7d7d44-b1f8-4b1a-8db1-4dbca3370f57

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